7 online sex games to play with internet strangers [new list]

When you’re online chatting with strangers, you might need a way to get the conversation going! Sometimes asking them about their day or throwing them a conversation starter might not do it. This is when you should suggest that you play online sex games before they move on to the next online stranger!

While you might think that it could be difficult to play a game over chat or video chat, you’re totally wrong! Think about where you play the most games: online! So even if you think it’ll be difficult to get a game strip checkers going, you’ll easily find a program that’ll connect the two of you!

1. Truth or Dare! (with proof)

This game is great for someone you’re messaging where you can send photos or video (so Omegle isn’t a good platform to play this game on unless you’re on on camera with the other person!)

Start throwing dirty truths and dares back and forth. And when the other person does the dare make sure there’s proof sent!

2. “Haha, and then what”

This is a phrase that has become a meme for how terrible guys are at sexting… But instead make it into a game to spice up the conversation!
At the end of telling your chat partner what you’d like to do to them if they were there with you, type “haha, and then what?”

Then your partner essentially has the invitation to continue the fantasy! If you want to make the game harder, make a rule that every message has to begin with the last word of the preceding message.

3. 20 Questions

I mean, this is a classic for all the meet and fuck games ever created! Ever since you had a crush in high school you were trying to play 20 questions over text message (probably accompanied with a bunch of elaborate emojis!).

So, instead of being bashful about asking remotely sexual questions, be bold! This game will both allow you to get to know the other person you’re chatting with (which could make for more sensual conversations later on…), but it’ll allow you to build some serious sexual tension that you’ll be dying to break!

4. Strip [insert online game here]

Okay, this is going to require some amount of tech savvy. So if you can barely figure out how to turn your computer on to chat with people online in the first place, then this probably isn’t the game for you to play.

You’re going to have to find a site that allows you to play a game online with a partner! You can do this through Steam or another platform. Choose a game that requires just enough brain power and has a short game play and start!

Every time either of you loses a round, you have to take an article of clothing off! This is best played over webcam!

5. Never Have I ever

Again, this is a college classic that already usually gets pretty dirty… but you can always use it to build sexual tension that’s dying to be broken.

Or, you can play it as a strip version too! Every time you put a finger down you have to take off an article of clothing… again this game is best played over webcam.