7 Steps To Taking The Steamiest Kik Nudes Of Your Life

Before you even THINK about sending someone a nude photo of yourself, there are a few things you should ask yourself.

“Does it look good?”

“Would it make them horny?”

And most important of all;

“Do they want to see this?”

Sexting, including sending kik nudes, is a crucial part of a healthy sexual relationship and is completely normal. You’re lying to yourself if you think that no one should be taking nudes or that only “dirty people” take them — newsflash: almost everyone alive takes nudes. Instead of shunning this behavior, unless you are under the age of 18, we should embrace our nudes so that we can start taking better ones!

One place we like to share nudes is through Kik — the instant messaging app for both iPhone and Android that lets users connect to one another. If you hadn’t noticed by now, there’s a whole world of sexting subculture on pretty much any instant messaging app, and Kik is no exception.

But before you try Kik out and start sharing nudes, here are seven simple steps you can follow to ensure you’re taking the steamiest Kik nudes possible.

1. Be quick or stock up

As I said, Kik is an instant messaging app, so things move quick. You should be prepared to take on=the-spot nudes you can send in an instant. This means that you should be shaven (if you like that), moisturized, etc. and ready to go. In other words, prepare for your nudes the same way you prepare for dick appointments.

But if you’re somehow not prepared and don’t want to take up too much time of the conversation focused on getting the right-looking nude, you better have some stocked up! An unconventional self-care tip I’ve adopted for myself is getting in the mood, feeling sexy, and snapping pics of myself in my favorite lingerie or nude, depending on how I’m feeling. This not only makes you appreciate your own body so much more, but it also comes in handy when sexting because you have an arsenal of sexy pics ready to go.

2. Know your angles

If you want to send something sexy, make sure you’re getting the sexiest parts of yourself.
That means, take your photos from flattering angles instead of ones that give your double-chin or some extra rolls you forgot you had. Unless they like seeing your rolls, of course.

3. Pay attention to lighting

Don’t take, much less send, dimly lit and poor-quality photos. It’s a turn off in itself to have to try to figure out if that’s a dick you sent or a kneecap.

Make sure your nudes are visible, in good, natural lighting (if possible), and not blurry or pixelated.

3. Be creative

Creativity is sexy, and if you’re able to show that through your nudes you’re guaranteed to get someone off.

4. Show off your best features

You know you have a great pair of boobs, or maybe you love your ass and know that the other person will too — whatever you got, flaunt it! Don’t be afraid to show off the parts of yourself you love the most.

5. Take videos

Nudes are not limited to photos. If you remember this, you sexting convos could be a lot steamier if you’re sending each other hot videos back and forth.

6. Talk dirty

If you’re going to be sending videos, try talking dirty in them! You’ll be surprised how much that steps up your game.

7. Practice

The most important step in taking steamy nudes is to practice! If you don’t, how do you expect to get better?