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Animated Waterfalls
Animated Waterfall ScreensaverBeautiful photos of real waterfalls with the water animated to near perfection. Screensavers-online | Windows | 2.4 Mb | free
Animated Waterfalls 2
Animated Waterfalls 2 ScreensaverAnother set of beautifully animated waterfalls. Screensavers-online | Windows | 2.6 Mb | free
Fascinating Rainforest
Fascinating RainforestThree main elements to this screensaver, animated waterfall, rainforest with parrots and an aquarium view of the water filled with fish. All with sound and music. Screensaver-Network | Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 5.3 Mb | demo
Mayan Waterfall
Mayan WaterfallA mysterious jungle waterfall scene with Mayan monuments and artifacts. Detailed 3D graphics with realistic animation of water. Comes with music and jungle sounds. 3planesoft | Win.NT?2000/XP | 15.5 Mb | trial
DPSM-Waterfall Slide show screensaver of beautiful waterfalls with 217 transitional effects.
DPSM | Win.9x/2000/ME/XP | 2.5 Mb | trial
Water Illusion
Water Illusion Cool animated water images with sound plus Water Illusion Studio and Water Illusion Player to animate with sound, any water picture on your desktop. NuSoft | Win.9x/ME/NT/2000/XP | 3.09 Mb | trial
Watermill 3D
Watermill 3D Beautiful virtual 3D water mill. Outstanding graphics with sounds of water and birds. 3Planesoft | Win.9x/ME/2000/XP | 8.7 Mg | shareware

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